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The boys' school was blessed with about 180 students approximately nine years as of the school year. Composition is a mosaic of our students, since it is cross-sectoral, socioeconomic class, and a background in traditional, general, and religious.

So what is the common denominator of all those who are after the entrance of our school? We asked the parents, and heard a variety of answers: some are in our address book most appropriate for their child's education design, education, love, values ‚Äč‚Äčeducation. Others see our school answer for academic excellence for children, where investment and dedication are not slogans, both basic rules for teachers and educators, young people and veterans.

And with an atmosphere like this, no wonder that the school environment has developed for years a united community that consists of parents of students, past and present, educational staff, as well as the management team, whose members are very familiar with not only the students, but also the family of the student, parents and so on. Thus, this introduction is technically informative, but there is a mutual responsibility, guarantee stemming from an authentic love for Israel, which is not only a cornerstone of education is based on it within the walls of the institution, and is characteristic of the spirit of the relationship between members of the "community school".

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