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For the past thirty years, the Help and Education Center of Kiriat Gat has been an A Not-For-Profit Organization devoted to achieving true and lasting help for children and needy people that have little to no other means of support or family care. This is no small task. Our work requires consistent and long-term effort. To help us continue the mitzvahs we provide on a daily basis we need your help.

Educational Programs

Thirty years ago the Help and Education Center set out to offer high quality education to the children in the development town of Kiryat Gat. The crown achievement of our efforts is our school for 200 girls. Our educational achievements have gained us recognition by the department of education as a fully accredited public school, while our efforts to build character and teach values have earned us recognition by the ministry of religion.

Our educational programs also include summer camps and after school supplementary programs. Through these programs we reach 700 children, teaching them the value of life and giving them the knowledge and skills necessary to build caring and stable homes and to contribute to society.

The good reputation of our school has led to considerable demand for entrance. Parents from all walks of life and many ethnic backgrounds and nationalities send their children to our school. Our students come from Sefardi, Ashkenazi and Yeminite backgrounds. The girls come from both religious and secular homes. Along with native Israelis, our students include immigrants from North and South America, Ethiopia, and the CIS.

Early Childhood Programs

In Israel, two working parents is generally the rule, especially in the less affluent areas. As a result, many young children from these homes suffer from serious neglect. In order to make a difference in the lives of these Israeli children, positive intervention must be started before the first grade.

Therefore, the Help and Education Center has founded six day care centers, and seventeen kindergartens. Along with offering trustworthy quality day care, we also offer supervised safe transportation and a professional staff that specializes in recognizing and treating children suffering from more serious problems.

When our schools were founded, Israel was still a poor country. In the 90's, affluence increased. However, once again, today there is financial crisis and increasing poverty. The only food available to many children is bread and margarine. Without proper nutrition a child cannot learn.

Our school lunch program serves hot meals to hundreds of children and toddlers every day. For many, this is their only daily meal. Sadly, some will take part of their food home to help feed siblings or family. We can only do so much but with your help, we can more and we wish to do more.

Family Services

The diverse student body of our school includes many children from deprived backgrounds. In their homes, many of our children face poverty-stricken, divorced, sick and even drug addicted parents.

Educational institutions, even the best, cannot solve these children's problems. What is needed is family intervention. Again the Help and Education Center is there to assist. We founded a food distribution network that now reaches 80 needy families. Our dedicated staff offers physical help and spiritual support in an atmosphere of warmth and respect. This has helped many families get back on their feet.

Family Services is staffed entirely by volunteers, and it is operational from 6:30PM through Midnight. Our volunteers willingly and unselfishly devote their time to help these children and their families.

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