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Girls School

The school is conducted in the spirit of the tradition of Israel, Torah religious atmosphere, and operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, recognized unofficial status. The institution was established 1960 and is run establishment near the town of Kiryat Gat and is part of the fabric of Chabad religious educational institutions in our city.

At school are taught hundreds of students from first grade to eighth grade, the average number of students per class is 20, enabling the provision of personal attention and individual investment case for each student. Studies are fanning out over five days a week, begin at eight in the morning and continue until late in the afternoon, depending on the definition of "extended school day".

The school raised the banner of educating following the gates to love the Torah, love of others, and cultivating virtue. Alongside the above, the school strives for excellence in the field of general studies, and for this recruiting quality staff and experienced teaching general studies in the sciences, arts, and various enrichment activities that take place beyond school hours, such as dance, rhythmics, music and more.

School graduates continue their studies through H"ticon "and then make their way to study seminar. Today we can already say with unabashed pride Sbogrotino harmonious with and glorification of the best seminaries in the country, put aside religious studies deepening, they also acquire a profession for the future, their choice of supply areas, as the most important of which is of course education - in accordance with the credo "of the school "our children's future - is our success"

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