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Summer Camps

We know that summer is coming south, the air heats up, and with it the atmosphere - Yes, there is a quality summer camp, Camp Chabad!

We all still remember the days when children freedom, parents work, and we 'broke my head, how to keep the children busy during this period two months long, and we feel doubly!

No more! With many years of experience, and with professional and dedicated staff, we take care to prepare well in advance to meet during the summer, the children of the city, "proactively".

"Our camp" takes place in air-conditioned buildings, and in which we have built separate programs for different age groups, from age 3 to age 12. The plans also adapted the different levels of the children. And the emphasis to meeting the unique needs of the participants of the camp.

General Plan consists of social activities, athletic experience, Luna Park, shows, entertainment sites for children across the country (the world of the child) etc. - swimming pools, and a variety of attractions that children love, along with creative activities varied, and if the sum it up in two words: fun and enjoyment.

Alongside all these, we cultivate and investors during this period fostering social aspect of The campers. So, we're having fun social activities, some of them with a competitive nature, to put some tension...

It is not easy to organize a summer camp, the great responsibility, effort invested annually to the plans succeed, and so on and so on. So where we draw the strength to start anew every year? The answer: You, my parents The campers who give us their trust every time, and the joy on the children - these are the sources of our strength, then, see you next year!

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